Holy Hip-Hop

The latest project from Alex Melamid is Holy Hip Hop!, life-sized classical oil portraits from rap legends including Kanye, Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent, on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit through April 20.[via link]

~ by eaesthete on 03/13/08.

7 Responses to “Holy Hip-Hop”

  1. these are really good where do i see the rest

    Check here: http://www.mocadetroit.org/exhibitions/melamid.html

  2. artistically, they are very well done.. but none of them are hiphop. just trash

  3. snoop is hiphop and kanye atleast did the beats for the blueprint.

  4. What? Kanye produced Common’s BE and Finding Forever. How is that not hiphop?

  5. i realize the same way people talk before they think,they more than likely type the same.Unfortunately these individuals have no earthly idea on what hip-hop is or just didnt think about what they were saying before they started typing.Hip-hop is so much more than just lyrics ,whether they’re cheesy, non productive, or even the best thing since buttered toast.it’s a way of life ….whether u bomb walls , pop lock, rap ,your style, or even your dialect….thats Hip-hop…they are all hip-hop…unfortunately many like to only call old school acts hip-hop like Krs-1 , tribe called Quest,De La Soul,common, alkoholiks…… i could go on for days… but each one of the artist brought something new and different to the table to help Hip-hop evolve to what it is today… so take what these new artist have to add in stride and be thankful that hip-hop is still evolving .This guarantees longevity….if we would of judge the new things the older artist brought to the table the same way we’re judging the new artists where would hip-hop be now…. look at the glass half full …. not half empty…Hola at your boy if you need another lesson on hip-hop…or if your looking for your favorite artist on canvas…. lol .im willing for the right price…. Get at me…. D.sigg.

    • Damon,

      Thank you for this most thoughtful contribution. This post generates a great deal of interest
      though most just look and move on. I, for one, have a renewed appreciation of an art that
      I little understand based on your comments. My sincerest thanks for adding so much to this

  6. very good work by the way to the artist…

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